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500 Earlybird Tickets for the Country Music Meeting 2020

from 1 July to 30 September 2019 - 3 day ticket for 50.- €.
As a thank you, the fastest buyers and purchasers will have the opportunity
to purchase their 3 days - weekend ticket instead of for 60.- € for only 50.- €.
In the period from July 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019, Earlybird Bonus
Cards can be ordered through or purchased and
picked up directly from the American Western Saloon.



So, the 9. International Country Music Meeting in Berlin is history and everything and everyone talks and write about how you can easily read on Facebook here!

I can't say thank you often enough that this event only works through your presence, that his many wonderful musicians and my collaborators work.

The meeting also has its special flair, which makes the American Western Saloon, its located here.

I also thank my indestructible saloon crew, especially my "Jackson ," who will be tearing up the whole meeting weekend, from morning to night, that buttocks!

Kurt Keller aptly wrote it, putting it in a nutshell that it's hard to keep a country music event alive these days. The Country Music Meeting has made it to this day, even without sponsors, and will continue to exist and grow!

But I would also like to thank the many organizers who attend the meeting and book here their bands and live acts, for their festivals.

Now, however, we want to plan further, and then next year, that 10. International Country Music Meeting to celebrate together. In a few weeks, the website and Facebook will be updated and the documents can then be downloaded.

From July 2019, the Earlybird weekend cards will again be available to purchase.

What was confirmed before the last meeting was, that the Thompson Brothers from Nashville, 2020, will be back in the Fontane Haus! We are still working on the other acts and with WE, I mean tireless Marion! But now enough is absated!

I wish you all a lot of fun at the upcoming Country Music Festivals in 2019, visit them and help ensure that Country Music, especially in Germany, has a strong presence and retains it!

In that sense. Comes well over the summer, stay healthy and see you at one of the many country festivities in Europe.

Your Franky

Press release for the 9th International Country Music Meeting
from Feb. 8th til Feb. 10th 2019

Update Sept. 12th 2018

9th International Country Music Meeting Berlin at the Fontane Haus
Königshorster Str. 6 (formerly Wilhelmsruher Damm 142 c) - 13439 Berlin
Here you listen to the grandchildren of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson & Dolly Parton!

Many participants and winners of the German Rock & Pop Award, The Voice of Germany, "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (the german equivalent of "Pop Idol"), the International Country Music Award Pullman City Bavaria, opening acts of well known international artists and many more will be found on the second weekend of February at the Fontane Haus in the Berlin district Reinickendorf. Watch his venue turning into the melting pot of the Country Music community!

For the 9th time in row a very special event will take place in the northern part in Berlin from February 8th til February 10th 2019. This event attracts a lot of attention on all social media platforms for the last months - the International Country Music Meeting Berlin. Meanwhile the Fontane-Haus in the district Reinickendorf has a similar reputation with musicians like the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville/Tennessee. Here you can let yourself be carried away to the world of Country Music with all its varieties - sometimes influenced by Folk, Rock, Pop and german Schlager, sometimes traditional with banjo and fiddle, presented by a colourful mix of musicians from a virtuoso solo artist to an action-packed eight piece band.

You'll be able to watch and see over 600 musicians in 92 bands, duos and solo acts on 4 stages, each one with a 45 minutes show case. More than a third of the musicians are here for the first time. And the ones that return every year combine this weekend with a kind of family reunion, where they can exchange ideas for the whole weekend. Normally the musicians never get the chance just to talk to each other or to arrange a spontaneous session or present themselves to fans and promoters from many european regions at one central place. But this 3-day-event about the most popular and best known music style of the USA brings everyone together under one roof - musicians, agencies, promoters, vendors, reenactors, fans and collectors. The International Country Music Meeting Berlin has become the biggest and most unique indoor event in this scene. That's why sometime it's lovingly called the "indoor Wacken" of Country Music.

In February 2019 newcomers as well as popular and well known artists from 12 nations will show their musical skills on 4 stages, 3 show dance groups from the Netherlands and Germany attract the attention of the audiences and 4.500 m² exhibition space invite you to a unique information and shopping experience. From western outfits to Jack Daniels, from indian jewelery to special magazines, from signed CD's to a shave from a historical barber - here you'll get (nearly) everything, also tourist information and offers of the 2 biggest western theme parks of Germany, from a western theme park in Sweden and from the US state of Tennessee. Parallel to the live music program on the 4 stages we offer line dance workshops for everyone by 8 popular dance instructors from Germany. Some of them are multiple german, european and world champions in Country & Western Dance or winners of the Line Dance Star Awards. And of course you can enjoy real culinary delights - with burgers, spare ribs, hot dogs, brownies, donuts, original american beers and whiskey.

Not only County fans meet at the 9th International Country Music Meeting Berlin, also the ones, that want to become fans - but also the ones who do not know yet that they will leave this event at the end of the weekend as real Country Music fans. This Place is Hee Haw! the way: whenever you can hear a banjo, a fiddle or a steel guitar - it's Country Music!

Frank M. Lange - promoter




Country Music Meeting CD 2017

For the International Country Music Meeting 2017 we're producing a compilation CD again. We're aimig for 20 songs from the particiüating artists. The following acts already committed:
Hard Travelin', The Thompson Brothers (USA), Hardcore Troubadours, Backus & Cole, Hank Rose & The Swinging Horses, Old Johnny's Crew, Stevie Simpson (UK) and Tom Reno.


News about the unplugged stage "Cool On The Stool"

For the musicians, fans, friends and also for the host Mike Strauss we can announce a wonderful and expedient improvement for next years "Cool On The Stool" stage.

After the unplugged stage "Cool On The Stool" on the 2nd floor was so successful in February 2016 and showed us that this room was really too small, we've made all possible efforts to arrange an agreement with the landlord of the Fontane Haus that we are allowed to use the "old" position of the unplugged stage in the basement of the building. Many regular visitors of the past 20 years might remember this room very well. Here you'll have a lot of space to sit down and listen.



Now it’s only 2 more days until the gates of the Fontane-Haus will open for the 6th time in a row for all friends of the International Country Music Meeting Berlin. The pre-sale shows that we can expect once more a bigger amount of visitors. Also many more print and online media decided to release advance reports about this „big family meeting“. All released reports can be found on our facebook page.

It will be interesting to know for all participating musicians that many event promoters, who will be seeking for new acts for their future events, announced their visit of the Country Music Meeting either as guests or with their own information booth (Intern. Bühler Bluegrass Festival, Country Team Friedersdorf, Pullman City Harz, Horse Lake Ranch, Country Dance Village from the Netherlands, Countryfest Bücheloh, Truckstop Danmark, Luunja Summer Festival from Estonia, Kötzer Country Friends, Country Festival Bauska from Latvia, Pullman City Eging, Intern. Music Festival “Visagino Country” from Lithuania and many other promoters from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankonia, Saxony--Anhalt and Saxony).

Also we took care for the smokers. They will have their cosy and comfortable breaks either at the indoor smokers room of the American Western Saloon or on the court in front of the Fontane-Haus with a big BBQ stand and a “coffee bike”.

6th annual International Country Music Meeting Berlin
Feb. 5th til Feb. 7th 2016
Königshorster Str. 6 (former Wilhelmsruher Damm 142c)
13439 Berlin

  Für Ihr Wohlbefinden bieten wir Ihnen am Country Music Meeting Wochenende eine Massage Ecke (Standplatz 006, im Untergeschoss, am Western Saloon) und einen Historical Barber (Standplatz 005) an, um sich für das Wochenende fit und haarfrei zu fühlen!


The plans for the 6th annual Country Music Meeting are progressing. All applications were submitted at the district authorities and the pre sale is better than at the last event. If anyone should like to order pre sale tickets please note our deadline January 29th 2016. Due to organizational reasons we can not send pre sale tickets after that date. Of course there will be enough tickets available at the weekend of the event at our ticket counters, Fontane Haus main entrance.

You can also get your tickets at the ticket counter "Theaterkasse im Märkischen Zentrum", Senftenberger Ring 1-3, 13439 Berlin, phone +49-30-4152876 (ticket price plus pre sale fees) or Mondays til Saturdays from 06:00 pm onwards at the American Western Saloon (closed on Sundays).

As you can see at our stage schedule many new but also well-known acts from 15 nations will participate at the 6th annual Country Music Meeting - for the first time on 4 stages.
Also a few new vendors have applied for our event. We're proud to announce that all vendors spaces for 2016 are taken.

We'd like to wish all musicians, vendors, guests and friends a peaceful and blessed Christmas and a happy and successful New Year. Thank you all so much for your loyalty and solidarity and for all the wonderful memories in the past years!
We are looking forward to seeing you all 2016 here at the Fontane Haus.

Frank M. Lange

We are excited and a little bit proud about how many new and well known acts already applied for the upcoming Country Music Meeting. But we also would like to notify, that the many announcements of definite performance days and times that we've found on the various social networks are NOT correct. Due to necessary travel arrangements we confirmed to some acts, that they WILL BE participating. But until now there are no confirmed stage schedules. These will be released on our webpage and facebook page within the next few weeks. Artists and vendors applications are still possible.

Products of AWeSome Myousix Records


Wow! The Program is almost packed for 2015. We have a lot of new faces on Stage.
22 new Act's, who's playing the first time, at the Country Music Meeting 2015 and for shure, a lot of well known Musicans.
Dear Musicans - If you fill out your application, please for Friday or Sunday, too.
Saturday is nearly done! Make your X for all three days! We have not space for all Musicans to play on Saturday.


After there couldn't have been a Country Music Meeting CD release for the Country Music Meeting 2011 and 2013 fans, visitors and artists are now looking forward to a 20 song compilation for the Country Music Meeting 2015.
Primarily artists that will present themselves live at the Country Music Meeting 2015 will be chosen for this CD, no matter if national or international acts. The decisive factor will be the quality of the songs and the recording quality.

Please first make sure, who will be the contract partner of Awesome Myousix Records. It may be your record company, who owns the rights for your song, and not you. In this case the record company has to be the contract partner. The best way is, to send your own song for the anniversary CD.

Please send all information material only to Awesome Myousix Records, c/o. Frank Lange, Königshorster Straße 6 (Wilhelmsruher Damm 142 c), 13439 Berlin. The team of Awesome Myousix Records will also answer all your questions about this project.


The Conctruction Aria „Fontane Haus“ will be finished in the next few month.




The guests of the American Western Saloon and the residents of the MV might already have noticed: since beginning of June 2012 the Fontane Haus is surrounded by a scaffold. The remodeling and renovation for the new front of the Fontane Haus will be finished as soon as possible. The entrance area and the spaces for the vendors will get bigger and more comfortable. Also it's planned to build a little café / restaurant at the place of the current citizens office. So the Country Music Meeting will have an extra communication area to meet musicians, event managers or fans. Also the the access for wheelchairs will get easier with a new ramp. The previous WC for disabled guests will be moved from the second floor to the basement (directly near the American Western Saloon).

For the next Country Music Meeting all forms for vendors and musicians are available for download. Also we can announce the first participating artist: You can download all application forms for artists and vendors for the Country Music Meeting 2014 from our webpage. We're proud to already announce the following participating artists: click here Schedule - we're also planning some musical surprises.

Danceshows: Can Can Girls (NL),

Lausitzer Oldstyle Company (D), Western Traditionsgemeinschaft „Old America“ Berlin(D) u. a.

Line Dance Workshop with:
Susy Schalewa, Gert Wollschläger, Yvonne Redlitz, Marcel Sabiers, Natalie Redlitz, Mirjam Hänsch, Wippi, Mathias Schaal, Thomas Koch, Karla und Harold van Geenhuizen (NL), TFD Sabine, Enrico Adler

A big THANK YOU to Pullman City Harz,, the Four Corners Saloon in Untermeitingen an the Country Truck Stop Festival Denmark for their support an cooperation during the last years.


Country Music Meeting Berlin
We would love it if you could "like" us.


Sony Music Entertainment and the management of the Country Music Meeting agreed to cooperate in February 2013



Auch hier bestellbar: JPC

Sony Music Entertainment and the management of the Country Music Meeting agreed to cooperate in February 2013

After there couldn't have been a CD release for the Country Music Meeting 2012 fans, visitors and artists are now looking forward to a 20 song compilation for the Country Music Meeting 2013.

Sony Music is planning the release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the end of January 2013 with 2 improvements. First: Chances are very good that this compilation will also be released in Belgium, Luxemburg and The Netherlands (physical as well as digital). Second: The release in the german speaking area will happen in 2 hits. The first release will happen at the date of the event itself in a combined marketing concept with the Country Music Meeting management. The second release is planned for May 2013 under a special Sony Music campaign which will push the CD on the market once more. This should give the artists on this compilation the chance to present themselves to a more wide spreaded audience.

The CD is planned to contain 20 songs and should be available for the same price as the Country Music Meeting 2011 product. Primarily artists that will present themselves live at the Country Music Music Meeting 2013 will be chosen for this CD, no matter if national or international acts. The decisive factor will be the quality of the songs and the recording quality.


After the successful Country Music Meeting 2012, I start the work to this next mega event here at the Fontane Haus in Berlin-Reinickendorf. You will find the application forms for 2013 right now here on this webpage. If you like, fill it out and send it to me.

Regards and maybe, we meet us here at the true place of Country Music in Berlin.

Sony Music Entertainment and the management of the Country Music Meeting agreed to cooperate in February 2011

The major label will release a sampler with artists that will perform at the Country Music Meeting. Realease date: beginning of 2011. Of course the artists have to deliver high quality recordings and have to sub-licence their songs to Sony. The album realease will be promoted by Sony with several advertisements, banner-ad's and promotion campaigns. The album will be available in stores german wide and also of course at the Country Music Meeting.

For the participating artists this will be a great chance to introduce themselves to a huge audience and also earn some extra money with their songs. A Sony Music spokesman told us about the project: „For many years we are already working very successfully on the german Country Music market with ''. When we heard about the Country Music Meeting we instantly knew that this event is about giving the best artists a platform to introduce their music in Germany. The concept „quality instead of quantity“ convinced us from the start and our label wants to offer its contribution to make Country Music more popular in Germany. We are looking forward to a good and long lasting cooperation with the famous event manager Frank Lange.“


Ab sofort bestellbar !


1. Laura Bryna - Hometown Heroes
2. Big Dig and The Sidechicks - Boobs
3. Scooter Lee - Ribbon of Highway
4. Tommy Roberts, Jr. - Rock In The Storm
5. Annika Bruhns -Look at Us Now
6. Thompson Brothers - One Drink at a Time
7. Michelle Conner & Far From Home - A Humble Man
8. Larry Schuba - Morgengedanken
9. C.C. Adams Band - I Love My Life
10. Dispatch Skulls - Red Rockin' Rita
11. The Mountaineers - 15 Tons over Broadway
12. Debbie Nunn - Say Something Good
13. Cripple Creek Band - I Forgot to Forget
14. The Lubbocks - Above and Beyond
15. The Cashbags - (Hey) What's new?
16. The Cactus Jacks - Tennessee
17. Taneytown - Dog Eat Dog
18. The Lennerockers - Boogie Woogie Queen
19. Cody McCarver - White Trash With Money
20. Country Cousins - I Wonder How


Country Roads shoot at the Country Music Meeting


As the management from the TV show "Country Roads" confirmed, they will send a team to report from the 1st Country Music Meeting at the Fontane-Haus in Berlin. The team will shoot interviews which will be shown at the next TV shows. Also live footage might be taken during the performances on the 2 live stages. This will give all international and national acts the chance to present themselves to a real wide audience.

Fritz Portner, producer of "Country Roads": "It will be the first time for us to shoot interviews for our show in Germany. Until now we only showed interviews from Nashville. But the Line Up of the participating acts, international as well as national, convinced us with their quality. Also we're looking forward to the cooperation with the colleagues of, who are competent Country Music reporters for years."

Frank Lange, organizer of the 1st Country Music Meeting: "I am very thankful for the confirmation of 'Country Roads' to report about the Country Music Meeting. Now all participating acts will not only get the chance to present their shows, to find new fans and convince the present organizers. Together with 'Country Roads' they also can help to present the whole country scene in a more positive light on TV."

For years "Country Roads" is an important part for the country fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The show is broadcasted once a month on channel 3Sat.


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